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Published:Thursday | November 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The current cult of superpowerism sweeping the planet will shorten the life of human life on the planet, the life of organic species in general, and the life of the planet itself in the short and medium term. This because of three reasons.

First, it leads to arms build-up, the manoeuvring of huge military forces across the globe, large human and financial resources, and possibly global war itself. Second, it leads to a mad passion for extreme heavy industrialisation of metals, energy, war robotics, which depletes ecological resources. Third, it leads to booming growth of the middle classes everywhere, particularly in populous nations, for example India, China, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia - middle class mass with massive expectations and massive appetites for consumption; this depletes the economic resources of the planet further.

In the modern era, we have seen many instances where the massive drives of leaders and nations for superman and superpower status have everywhere left the masses abandoned, exposed, brutalised, scourged and fragmented.

Further exposure

The exposure of the masses, abandoned or led astray, or taken on some mad rabid trip by their dominant elites and leaders, in the name of nationalism, communism, capitalism, terrorism, a new world order and multipolarism, is tragic. Further exposure will occur in the event of global warming and flooding and sea rise; global epidemics; global financial crashes; global consumerism; global conquest by the global investor state operation independent of governments; state terrorism launched by the United States and Russia in particular, against the Middle Eastern, South-East Asian and North African peoples.

What must the Caribbean - our archipelago of small states from the Floridas in the north to the Guyanas in the south - do in the face of this rabid dash of the behemoths for the stultification of the lives of the human species, organic life in general and the life of the planet in the medium and short term? We must look inward, build resilient people and economies, and drop the ideologies. An intense focus on the sustainable development of our health, education, housing, transport, finance, trade, and our security systems, both environmental and human. And we must speak out.

develop our own

First, we must develop our own C10 or C12 Caribbean Forum, just like those G10 or G8 'global leaders', and call them out for their madness. They are mad. And this madness will expose us too. The planet is ours, too. We must meet the masses and their leaders and make our voices heard in the global communications domain.

Second, the masses must establish links with masses everywhere: in China, India, South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Western and Central Europe, and Central and North America. The lessons of our modern and ancient history are clear: when elites make their wars and retire to their enclaves, palaces, plantations, courts, bunkers, kremlins and white houses, it is we who have to clean up the blood, find our children and elderly in the rubble, put back together the mortar and bricks, and look for our lost fingers and hair.

We in the Caribbean and elsewhere have a choice: we call for a genuinely interactive global village or accept global hegemonic empire and superpower everywhere.

Wayne Kublalsingh