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The two hundred and eighty million dollar man

Published:Thursday | November 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The $280-

million man


I find it not only an affront to the contributors of National Housing Trust (NHT), but a slap in the face of all Jamaicans that Lennie Little-White could be as barefaced as he was recently, claiming that it's because he is black why he is being targeted. It's amazing that, every time something happens in this country that is of a questionable nature, the race card is pulled. It's like once you are of a certain colour then nothing that you do should be scrutinised.

Mr Little-White should understand one thing: he is not entitled to any help whatsoever from the Government because of his black skin. Public money doesn't have any colour whatsoever, and he is not by any means entitled to any of it more than thousands of struggling small businesses in Jamaica which could use a fraction of what he got. He is out of order to get over $280 million and then try to justify the obvious wastage of such funds in a time of need in this country when people can't even buy chicken back to eat, by pulling the race card. How dare he!

He is the single most expensive black man in Jamaica right now, to taxpayers.

What this expensive black man doesn't seem to get is that the NHT should never have bought an entity that never made a dollar in profit in its entire existence, even if it's way below market rate, because the land, as he himself wrote in a letter, is not suited for anything but his ill-conceived and failing enterprise. And to rub salt into the wound, he seems oblivious to the fact that the NHT is not mandated to run attractions, but to build houses, and that $280 million would have been much better spent building houses for poor people.