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Competition under threat

Published:Friday | November 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Competition under threat


I see that Digicel and Cable & Wireless continue to fight in the media, but what I would like to know is whether they will fight equally hard for consumers.

It seems to me that while Digicel has had its nose put out of joint by this latest move by Cable & Wireless to buy Flow, if it would stop shouting so loud, consumers would listen to the legitimate point it is trying to make.

Competition is under threat. And it is in all our interests to make sure that we consumers do not get squeezed by this deal.

If it takes the Office of Utilities Regulation, and whoever else, time to go through and make sure that all is in order and consumers will benefit for sure, then all well and good.

I want to know that the people paid to stand up for my rights are doing their job, and doing it thoroughly.


Armour Heights

Kingston 8