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Crack down on road slackness

Published:Saturday | November 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Crack down on road slackness


Permit me to express my disgust at the behaviour that is perpetuated in plain sight on public vehicles on our roads. On Sunday, November 16, about five of the state-owned Jamaican Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses, along with Coaster buses and cars, were seen filled with Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters going to the annual party conference at the National Arena.

There were men and women on the top of the buses, while others had their bodies protruding out of windows. It was more of the same on the Coasters and cars, with women and men sitting on the windows waving and blowing horns. This sort of slackness is not new, but should not be allowed to continue, whether attending funerals or political functions.

In the same way police officers ticket drivers for not wearing their seat belt, there should be an even harsher penalty for drivers who permit such behaviour.

The political representatives of both parties should publicly declare their disapproval and implore their supporters to desist from these risky actions.

The persons who are carrying out these stupid stunts without fear for their lives or respect for the law should be appropriately dealt with.