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Littering a threat to nation's health

Published:Saturday | November 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Littering a threat to nation's health


Once upon a time, Jamaica, with teams of public health inspectors, and 'nuff' education of the public, actually conquered a mosquito problem and eradicated malaria! Now, we have a different and more virulent mosquito along with perfect breeding sites in plenty plastic containers and a population that is not ashamed to litter. Littering has become a way of life.

We unashamedly litter our highways, roadsides, backyards, gullies, parks, vacant lots, entertainment and sports facilities, etc.

One wonders if those who profit from the contents of the millions of plastic containers, etc., could come together with a giant recycling plant, along with educating the public about separating and recycling their garbage. The National Solid Waste Management Authority is generally viewed as woefully inadequate.

Littering has got to be viewed as a serious threat to health during this period when the majority of Jamaica's population is still suffering the painful effects of chikungunya.