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Poor drainage clogging Corporate Area roads

Published:Saturday | November 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Poor drainage clogging Corporate Area roads

Jacqueline Lawton

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, I drove through Hope Pastures on to Charlemont Drive, and it started to rain quite heavily until the road was flooded. However, I persevered on my journey via Barbican Road, which was also flooded. I could continue to share my experiences on several other roads in Kingston that are similar to those


It was disturbing that there had been no hurricane and yet the roads were flooded, with even motor

vehicles shutting off. I was afraid that my brakes would fail. This demonstrates the poor state of drainage on many roads in Kingston and

St Andrew. This made me think

seriously of the dangers that motorists must encounter and also the frustration for pedestrians.

As a country, it is full time that the relevant authorities take an assessment of the drainage system on the roads and not wait on a disaster before action is taken. This is long outstanding.

I suggest that any retired engineer or any other qualified individual could volunteer their expertise in assessing the drainage problems and pass on the information to the National Works Agency. Instead of everyone sitting there and saying there is no money, motivate the caring Jamaicans, as well as parish councils, to pool together to solve these

problems one by one. It can be done with one person's initiative to solve the drainage problem on the roads of the Corporate Area.