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Put halt to Negril beach erosion

Published:Saturday | November 22, 2014 | 12:00

Put halt to Negril beach erosion


I spent a couple of days in Negril last week and stayed on the seven-mile stretch of beach, as well as the West End. I quite enjoyed the West End. My days at one of the properties on the cliffside was oh, so peaceful and quiet.

The only voice I heard was my own as I was wowed by the sight of the sunset. It was truly amazing to see something so enchantingly beautiful.

I am afraid I cannot say the same thing about the once-beautiful seven-mile beach. I was not prepared to see erosion set in on the beach. All along the shoreline, the erosion created a two-level beach: a lower section at the water's edge, and a higher section further inland.

l can't understand why there are people in Negril, including certain hoteliers who have property along the beach, who would object to the National Environment and Planning Agency's plan to put in a breakwater system that is designed to prevent

further erosion and allow for beach accretion.

It appears that certain people in Negril want to milk all they can from this attraction, without any consideration for future generations of Jamaicans who have yet to enjoy this place.

I was also appalled at the way craft and food vendors and hustlers have been allowed to reign supreme on the beach. A wide swathe is taken up by craft vendors with shacks and boxes reminiscent of Coronation Market on a Saturday morning.

The Tourism Product Development Company, the Negril Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders must assemble and agree on a plan to preserve this section of Negril so all Jamaicans can continue to enjoy this special place.