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The inarticulate majority reigns in Parliament

Published:Saturday | November 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The inarticulate majority reigns in Parliament


Like many, I was left numb and speechless, even embarrassed by the comments made recently by Minister Bobby Pickersgill about the "articulate minority". As a senior minister of Government, his scathing comments stung even more.

He publicly offended all Jamaicans by suggesting the majority are not educated, aware or articulate enough (to even know right from wrong). He suggested that those who have been boldly speaking out are in the minority, so they can easily be ignored.

The irony is, the inarticulate majority is well represented in Gordon House. Some even hold high-level appointments in Government!

Pickersgill's comment about discussions on Twitter and social-media shows just how out of touch and arrogant some politicians can be. My heart aches for this country. Jamaica is in dire need of a different type of government, a newer breed of politicians.

We need less of the old and more of the new. Jamaican

politics needs to be modernised and revitalised. We are not going anywhere with the status quo, and the same names merely changing guard with every election.

The electorate needs to wise up and demand more accountability and responsibility. A democratic government reflects on the people. We are who we elect. Perhaps if Minister Pickersgill learned to use Twitter and social media more, he would be more insightful, aware, and even learn how to articulate!

I have news for Minister Pickersgill (and those who think like him). The articulate minority can lead the way. The articulate minority will not be intimidated or silenced.

The articulate minority will continue to defend good morals, ethics and principles, and call out slackness, incompetence, corruption and waste. The articulate minority will continue to be a loud voice and will stand firm!