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Winnifred Beach fight not over

Published:Tuesday | December 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Winnifred Beach fight not over


We were reading Carolyn Cooper's column 'Who really owns Jamaica's beaches?' (Sunday Gleaner, November 30, 2014) and we wish to thank her for what she states.

We have been fighting for seven years to keep Winnifred Beach in Portland a place for everybody.

No fences, no entrance fees, just a community place, affordable and enjoyable to whoever wants to spend a special day.

A small bunch of community people and beach vendors have kept the beach clean, have paid lifeguards on major holidays, have collected garbage, have learnt to protect turtles and flora.

Seven years and more of volunteer work to make a present to all, to Jamaicans and visitors. Seven years of struggle to make sure that at least one beach in the area is public and free.

We are happy about the court's decision that the Urban Development Corporation must grant the public free access to Winnifred Beach, but the fight is not over, because we wish to be the ones running the beach.

We are proud of what we learnt along the way and we wish to continue with our commitment in order to offer a wonderful community place for all.

Cynthia, Joy, Marge, Dymple, Ernie, Dungu, Painter, Blacky, Chappy, Doreen, Martin, Carla, just simple people. Nobody knows us, but we did it without any reward or glory.


Free Winnifred Coordinator