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Wake up, JLP!

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Did the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) really expect to give even a good showing in the results of the just-concluded by-election for the Central Westmoreland constituency? The People's National Party (PNP) won convincingly and, certainly, it should have been no surprise to even the dumbest constituent. After all, what has the JLP been doing as a political party? The party's leadership is weak and its members hopelessly divided, without a clue as to where they would take Jamaica were the party ever to be elected to power.

The Central Westmoreland poll results now put the lie to the Bill Johnson polls conducted this year, those polls being ever so kind to a leaderless and ineffective JLP. At the time of the publication of those polls, I kept asking myself what the JLP and its leader had done or displayed to deserve the swing to them and the favourable ratings they received? Surely the JLP could not have been so stupid as to really have believed those polls? It is apparent they did, as they just motored on fast asleep and were awakened only by their knee-jerk reactions to national events.

In recent months, the current PNP administration has demonstrated more than once that it is an arrogant, elitist bunch, with a leader incompetent at performing the functions of a prime minister. That notwithstanding, the JLP is unable to mobilise any protest or effective demonstration to put a halt to the absence of governance in our country or to recognise reasonable alternatives to governance.

It is important the JLP gets it act together for the sake of democracy in Jamaica. They must accept that the present PNP administration will be with us for some time, and certainly for the next seven years, so we need at least an alert Opposition if the PNP government is not to take on more and more features of a totalitarian outfit.

Colonel A. Douglas