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Bog Walk Gorge scare

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Bog Walk gorge scare

Recently, I headed out for the north coast, a journey that turned out to be most dangerous and life-threatening.

I took the journey through Flat Bridge and everything seemed normal until I approached the light to the bridge. There was debris strewn on the bridge - actually taking up half the lane. That, though frightening, was not half our troubles.

There was small land slippage along the way, but nothing like what awaited us when we approached that very deep corner of the Bog Walk gorge. The road was blocked with bamboo from one corner to the next. And with the opportunists on hand to collect money for safe passage, one wonders whether additional debris was not added to ensure total blockage.

Then, after paying our way through the almost impassable section, when we arrived at the exit gate, it was locked. I could hear an irate motorist shouting, "Why should I pay in the middle and pay here again?"

But my attention was drawn to a media house filming the scene and I couldn't help but wonder whether this was the work of sensationalism.

Why was the entrance gate locked since the journey was so treacherous? And why were there not advertised warnings that the gorge was blocked?

Based on discussions with other motorists, none of us are daredevils, so we wouldn't have chanced it if the necessary warnings were in place.

For so many of us who must make regular trips to the north coast, the bypass - no matter the cost - can't come too quickly.