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Easy fix for chik-V plague

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Easy fix for chik-V plague


In the days before chik-V visited our shores, we were inundated with fogging. The avid team from the health department would come down my street in Treasure Beach, leaving us in such a thick cloud of chemicals, we would be calling the children and our favourite pets and running indoors away from the smell.

But now when there is this threat of chik-V spreading fast and furiously across the island, I have neither seen nor smelt a whiff coming from the fogging machine. It is rumoured that the Government cannot afford the chemical. Can this be true? If this is so, we have really come to a pretty pass.

In the meantime, I may add, we here in Treasure Beach have had an avid eradication project going which has helped enormously and it is SO simple! We have asked everybody to look around their yards and turn over anything that can collect stale water. This can include plastic bags, upturned pans, garbage and any of those plants known as bromeliads.

The greatest offender are old tyres - so difficult to empty. However, these, if collected, can be thrown into the sea at designated areas where they will become lobster-breeding grounds.