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Why The Gleaner hates me

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Why The Gleaner

hates me


I can't imagine why you would "hope for much" from someone who loves to latch on to "populist causes", who loves the "limelight" and "martyrdom", who is "rude", a "distraction", a "hindrance", etc., and then devote an editorial to facilitate those desires. It sounds contradictory.

The truth is that the basis of this venom stems from your newspaper's dastardly role in the days leading up to the May 2010 massacre in Tivoli Gardens. Your newspaper deliberately exaggerated barricades and women protesting in white, and everything else, in order to egg on the discredited Bruce Golding to give the security forces the green light for a counterinsurgency operation against unarmed people - the worst massacre since 1865.

Your newspaper bears as much responsibility as the soldiers and policemen who committed the crimes.

The reason you are so contemptuous of me is because you oppose the campaign I have been involved in to hold those commanders (civilian and security forces) accountable for crimes against humanity, and for the matter to be referred to the International Criminal Court.

The truth is that neither

you nor your Establishment columnists are willing or capable of an intelligent or honest discussion about this.

Your attempt at character assassination, and belittling me proves that a positive impression was created in people's minds that this kangaroo enquiry is going nowhere and is a farce, and people have a right to resist and speak truth to power.

My intent was to work from within to prove all of the things above, but the commissioners, like you, seem to be deathly afraid of what I represent. I wonder why?