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Concerns with Church's embrace of lesbians

Published:Tuesday | December 9, 2014 | 10:45 AM


The spectacle of the Anglican priest washing the feet of declared lesbians on the front page of The Gleaner of December 8, 2014, has indeed evoked much public interest.

While washing of feet is practised by many Christian churches as an ordinance done only to saints (those who have accepted Christ as Saviour and Lord), in the time of Christ's walk on the earth, washing of feet was done only to show respect and welcome to guests. Jesus further demonstrated that he, as Master of the house, would humble himself to do the act, and so should his disciples.

My concern about the issue, though, is the confusion that arises in the mind of many about what the Church truly stands for. Church stands for many different things to different people. If we can accept this, we can appreciate that a Church can indeed install people of all sorts of sexual preferences as its leader and embrace everyone, regardless of who they are, as members of such a church.

It seems difficult to me to welcome those who openly declare an opposite position to the scripture as recorded in Romans 1:26-27, under the umbrella of human rights, and then, without apology, denounce homosexuality. To me, the basis of the Church is repentance, without preference, for all.


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