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Jamaica Advances in Global Connectivity Index

Published:Wednesday | December 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

As the country continues its drive towards establishing a globally competitive logistics-centred economy, Jamaica has positively jumped a few positions in another international report.

Jamaica is one of the three countries in which global connectedness increased the most between 2011 and 2013.

The Global Connectedness Report, published yearly by Deutsch Post (DHL) Global, provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of globalisations around the world.

In the 2014 report, Jamaica is now ranked 95 out of 140 countries, up from a ranking of 108 in 2011.

The other top three countries that have made marked improvements in global connectedness are Burundi and Mozambique.

The report noted that emerging economies are reshaping global connectedness and are now involved in the bulk of international interactions.

Anthony Hylton, minister of industry, investment and commerce, welcomed the report and added that this is positive that will further heighten interest in the logistics hub initiative.

"Jamaica's improvement in the Global Connectedness Index is evidence of progress towards the logistics-centred economy."

He added that "connectivity through multi-modal logistics and ICT has always been one of the main planks of a logistics-centred economy, alongside creating an enabling business environment, standards development and the development of the, micro, small and medium enterprises".

While acknowledging the positive report, the minister highlighted the need for continued work. He explained that the country should not get comfortable and continue working towards further improvement on the Global Connectedness Index.

"I am confident we will have an improved ranking next year," Hylton concluded.