Thu | Jan 24, 2019

SOS to LIME, Digicel from St Thomas

Published:Friday | December 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I note with interest the ongoing competition between the two major telecommunications providers, Digicel and LIME. There have been mergers, acquisitions and all sorts of announcements in the press.

All I want to know is when we, the residents of West Albion/Llandewey, St Thomas, will be afforded the pleasure of resumption in telephone and Internet services.

For the majority of this calendar year (approximately 10 months), our LIME Internet and telephone service has been disrupted. This current lack of service is, allegedly, a result of a fire and subsequent theft of telephone lines by scrap-metal vandals.

We would greatly appreciate it if either of the above-named companies would assist us with the resumption of vital telephone and Internet services at their earliest convenience.

Please put your money where your mouths are.


West Albion, St Thomas