Sat | Sep 22, 2018

Give Lisa her personal space

Published:Wednesday | December 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I recently saw on Facebook a photograph of the former Miss World and now government minister Lisa Hanna wearing a bikini on a beach, I would expect, somewhere in Jamaica.

The question was asked, is she appropriately dressed? I personally thought that she was, as one would not expect the good minister to be wearing a business suit or even regular clothes while taking a swim.

I thought it would disintegrate as quickly as it rose up, but it appeared recently on the front page of one of the leading newspapers. I am disappointed because, in my view, this is not news.

Many are saying that it is not the picture that is inappropriate but the posting of it. I propose that it would not have made much of a difference if someone else had posted it. The picture would still be there for the entire world to see. We cannot be saying she cannot go to a public beach.

It is my view that the former Ms World and now government minister should not be measured with a different yardstick than any other person that uses social media. If it is inappropriate for her, then it is supposed to be inappropriate for any other person, be they male or female, princess or pauper, to post a picture of himself or herself in swimwear on social media.

Years ago, when she entered the Miss World competition, she had to participate in a swimsuit competition and she did the nation proud when she won. Today, she is a member of parliament and minister of government - still a human being, only with a different job.

Outside of her job, she has a life, a family and she participates in activities that are unrelated to the job and her position. Some of these activities are posted on social media.

I believe that as a citizen of Jamaica and, by extension, a human being, she has the right to her personal time and space to have fun. In so doing, she has the right to go to the beach and to take photographs of the same, and she also would be acting within her rights when she posted them on her personal page in social media like anyone else would.

Gary Rowe