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God, please save Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | December 17, 2014 | 11:31 PM


I have faith in only a handful of politicians - especially in this country. I know the howls of protest and condemnation will come when I say that Jamaica longs for the days before 1962. Not to be governed by "externals"; not to have backra massa return or to a time when the colour of your skin might help you to progress or conversely, retard you.

What I long for is a stable economy and strong dollar; manageable levels of criminality; and the absence of burglar bars and security systems on the homes of those who can afford them.

What has brought us to this place? In my opinion, it has been mostly the inability of every successive government to manage in a way that would move the country forward. It's the old joke about that dog chasing the car - in this case Independence. What does he do with it when he catches it?

Before the ultra-nationalists start to vilify, let me say again that I would NEVER again want to be "ruled" be anyone outside of Jamaica, and certainly not by people who don't look like most of us.

To me, what we have seemed to lack, and I know that many in the political directorate will disagree, is a group of people who know how to run a country in every aspect. I am not impressed by PhDs and all the other professional qualifications. My simple question is: with all the qualifications abounding, does anyone know how to run the store?

A vibrant Jamaican dollar; a strong agricultural sector; and a strong tourism sector! Where have they gone? Why has no government been able to stem the tide?

Personal aggrandisement, cass cass, greed, and corruption is what our country is all about now. I feel certain that in days gone by or in other countries (read Canada for example) many of our politicians over the years would have been wearing "short pants".

I hope I never again have to sing "God Save the Queen/King" but God, please save Jamaica.


St Mary