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Transport Authority probing report of woman barred entry to bus

Published:Saturday | December 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Reference is made to your article on the front page of The Gleaner of December 16, 2014 and in the editorial of December 17, which reported and commented on the case of a male conductor allegedly preventing a female commuter from boarding a public passenger vehicle, in order to prevent the said commuter from pursuing justice at the Family Court.

The Transport Authority uses this medium to indicate that if the allegations are true, the actions of the conductor were grossly inappropriate. A driver or conductor shall not (without good reason, which he has to prove) do or say anything which would have the effect of preventing intending passengers from entering a public passenger vehicle or travelling thereon.

Otherwise, his actions would be in violation of Regulation 14(1) of the Transport Authority Regulations (1988) and Regulation 129 (a) of the Road Traffic Regulations (1938). An intending passenger who is aggrieved by anything done or said by a conductor or driver may report the incident to the Transport Authority or a Transport Authority inspector, who will investigate the matter. Where a conductor or driver is found to have breached the law, the Authority may suspend his licence for a period not exceeding 10 days.

It should be noted that since receiving the report, the Transport Authority has been relentless in its efforts to determine the veracity of the report and the identities of the conductor and the intending passenger who were allegedly involved in the incident. To date, our efforts have proven futile.

Notwithstanding, the Authority remains committed to ensuring that all conductors and drivers approved by the Transport Authority receive training in good customer relations and knowledge of the Transport Authority and road traffic


Accordingly, a lack of knowledge about what is appropriate conduct cannot be cited if, in fact, the errant conductor is approved by the Transport Authority. The Authority sincerely hopes this is not the case. Nevertheless, the Authority will be pursuing this matter to its conclusion.

The Transport Authority is in the process of implementing a number of initiatives to transform the public transportation system. Accordingly, we appeal to commuters and all road users to contact the Transport Authority at 1-888-991-5687 or email to report any action of indiscipline, violation or infractions committed by public passenger vehicle operators.

The Authority also welcomes the recommendations from the public for improving the public transportation sector.


Managing Director

Transport Authority