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Ugly questions for beauty queen Lisa

Published:Saturday | December 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I have been taking note of the saga involving Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna on social media. Sadly, the discourse has been woefully pedantic. Her attire at the beach is irrelevant, as, after all, she was at the beach.

Where I part company with the minister was the need to showcase this to the world (by your own act) via social media, reducing your worth to merely an object or a bauble of sorts.

I am less interested in her social life and would rather she engage the public on more critical issues relating to her ministry rather than the diatribe and slew of photos I have observed from her and her supporters on social media.

In-between photo shoots, could Minister Hanna respond to some burning questions:

1. How many youth are in lock-ups across the island?

2. What is the budget this year for youth detention centres versus three years ago?

3. What new policies have been implemented under your administration to stem abuse of wards of the State?

4. Have there been arrests of persons accused of such abuse?

5. What was the real reason for the termination of Ms Dahlia Harris from your ministry?

6. Can you give a full account of the expenditure on Grand Gala 2014 and explain how the nation got value for money?

7. Was there competitive bidding on the contracts for Grand Gala and what would the auditor or contractor general find if an audit were to be done?

I would love to get some answers to these questions, as, unlike other observers, I don't care about you in a swimsuit or you regaling us with tales of the frocks your mother made for you. I would like to think that you are more than just a crown and a sceptre.