Tue | Oct 16, 2018

Obama bows to Castro dinosaurs

Published:Sunday | December 21, 2014 | 11:35 PM


History absolves (see Ian Boyne's column in Sunday's Gleaner) a 50-year-old military dictatorship and communist one-party state that has no free press and no rule of law?

Of course, Cuba has little crime. Nor did the USSR. If we put a policeman on every corner with power to lock up anyone with no due process or appeal to media, Jamaica would have no crime either.

How come none of these Castro worshippers ever actually chooses to live in Cuba?

I've been to Cuba and talked to many people who have studied and lived there. Never met one who would swap what we have in Jamaica - warts and all - for what obtains in the Leninist-Marxist-socialist paradise, no matter how good their education and health systems are.

The ivory tower elite can babble all they want. Stay in Cuba long enough and the dominant feeling is one of oppression, of a people being forced to live in a way they have not chosen and would not choose, if they had a free vote. Few smiles and no laughter.

All this talk about the rights of Cuba. Let's hear about the rights of Cubans to choose their own leaders and say what they want and have free and fair trial by jury.

Cuba remains the only absolute dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere because the dinosaur Castro brothers and the Cuban military elite have no intention of giving up power peacefully.

Obama's politically slick legacy move will do nothing to change that.