Tue | Sep 25, 2018

Lisa Hanna the ultimate narcissist

Published:Tuesday | December 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Had the picture of Minister Lisa Hanna, on the beach in a bikini, been leaked by some hacker, or taken by the paparazzi, I would have no problem with Ms Hanna. However, all that I have read suggests the picture was consciously exposed to the public, via the Internet, by her.

This is a first. No member of Jamaica's Government has ever taken a picture as suggestive as this. So, the shock is right in our faces. In the future, when Lisa Hanna stands up in Parliament, or is representing Jamaica, in any capacity, what will come to mind? More interesting is whether she will be considered serious or credible.

There is a certain price you must be willing to pay if you accept to lead in public service. I believe, up until now, part of that price was a certain decorum. This unprecedented exposÈ is what I expect from Kim Kardashian, not Lisa Hanna, the MP. So, consi-dering her status, and what is expected from her, and especially that this was of her own doing, it is nothing short of vulgar.

Minister Hanna must have, even for a moment, reflected on the thought that what she was about to put out there would create controversy. We did not need a Rio de Janeiro-style graphic reminder of that. What manipulative, self-serving, if not narcissistic, impulse led her to release this picture?