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Published:Wednesday | December 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM


We have been coming to Tryall (in Hanover) for 17 years and are very dismayed by the two negative articles that have been published in your paper.

They have stated that there is anti-Jamaican feeling on the part of the Tryall board of governors. I have no connection to the board, but have been here enough to know that there is no resort that is more welcoming to Jamaicans as staff, as members, as friends and as board members. Anyone implying otherwise is simply using that as an excuse for a policy disagreement and trying to cast aspersions where none are deserved.

Jamaican homeowners have a long history of serving on the board:

1. Philip Gore, who obtained the injunction, is a former board member.

2. Mark Hart, when he owned a home, was on the board.

3. Senator Ambassador Frank Pringle served as a 'consultant' to the board and attended meetings for decades (may still?), and Tryall just named the golf patio in his honour.

In addition, last night, members of Tryall teamed up with a remarkable Jamaican tennis pro who ran a 24-hour tennis teaching clinic to raise money for the Tryall camp that benefits Jamaican children.

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I speak only as a long-time visitor to Tryall who has experienced years of the good nature and friendship between Tryall and the Jamaican community.

Barbara Israel