Thu | Jan 17, 2019

Oh for more Mukulus in government

Published:Thursday | January 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I find the correspondence that transpired between the former public defender, Witter and the present "acting" public defender, Mukulu, most enlightening. To be frank, it seems that they both went to the same school, as the accents appear to both have a featured 'British' upper lip. However, that is where the similarities end.

I cannot hide the fact of my excitement at the performance of the new "acting" public defender. It was one of hope. Here was someone who seemed to know the essence of his job and was bringing his expertise and energy to it. It was a good sign. He was articulate, concise in his utterances, and approachable by everyone. I was, therefore, saddened when that young, energetic and, I suspect, ambitious programme of the young public defender was scuttled by the established political class. It seems that we are doomed to be led by these Jurassic period politicians and descendants of the plantation ruling class. If his age is too young, must you be a geriatric and eligible for pension in order to hold a responsible position in this country? I would like to ask, what about his actions? Don't they qualify for something, or were they a threat to the establishment? It seems that the political class wishes all Jamaicans to be ignorant of the matters that are their business.

This situation, with old men and women nearing their pensionable years, of limited ability and imagination (who don't know Twitter), seems to be the hallmark of the Jamaican quagmire and the core of our problem. This action by the Government to remove the young from a position of authority and responsibility, perpetuates this yoke of ineptitude and incompetence upon the neck of the Jamaican nation. The young nation of Jamaica is being led by the old, faint of heart, devoid of knowledge and talent, who advise and direct the affairs of the country. Is it any wonder that so many who can have left this place, and those who remain become more cynical and reclusive behind their massive concrete walls, big dogs and private security services?

inability to deal

I now understand the need for secrecy in communication among the politicians in government, and the silence that answers our cries and concerns. It is not that they don't want to say something about the staggering incompetence, it is that they don't know what to say or do, and even if they tried, they have no reference or energy to address our problems and concerns.

Now that an election is in the air, we have two years of Hollywood and theatre to go. The most capable actors will be again paraded in front of banners of orange and green, not one with a message of hope that contains a plan, like the "national spatial plan". They will be bringing more curried goat and beer, for yet another grand party among the spoilers of a nation.

I wonder, I hope, I wish, Mr Mukulu's appointment could happen against the wishes and molasses we call government, and that others like Mukulu will begin to spring up in other ministries, agencies and departments. Yes, yet another New Year's resolution, to be held for a week, but then, it will at least be a week of hope.