Tue | Oct 16, 2018

Enforce the Noise Abatement Act

Published:Monday | January 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM


2015 having just begun, I believe it is time to remind the Government, the police and those directly responsible for the welfare of children, that more attention needs to be paid to the quality of sleep our children enjoy, to ensure their optimum performance.

For those of us with children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, as well as little ones in our communities, who will be sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test in mid-March, we know how tremendously important a good night's sleep is to cognitive efficiency. It has been well documented that sleep deprivation results in a reduced ability to think clearly, which may lead to impaired memory, faulty decision-making, and retarded processing of information.

No one wants to consider the terrible effects such a situation can have on the already stressed-out grade-six student vying for a place in a recognised high school, who is juggling school, extra lessons, homework and study time. Let us allow our students to recuperate as they enjoy the benefit of restorative sleep, uninterrupted by loud sound systems blaring their music at all hours of the night.

Enforce the Noise Abatement Act by penalising those operators who continuously flout the law by playing their music overly loud and beyond the parameters of time prescribed by law. This is especially so in certain communities where people show scant regard for their neighbours' right to peace and quiet.

I beseech the government, police and children advocates to act decisively and ensure that our children are given an opportunity to attain their fullest potential, as is their right.

Elaine Parker