Sun | Jan 20, 2019

It was my daughter's game score

Published:Monday | January 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I make reference to your 'latest' news, titled 'Twitter users mock Arnaldo Brown over game score', on what obviously is a slow news cycle at the top of the year.

Here are the facts, if you are interested in fairness and balance. I have my suspicions. My four-year-old daughter plays the game on my iPad. My Twitter account is connected on all my devices. So is my Facebook account and other social-media accounts.

Apparently, when a high score is achieved, a prompt appears querying whether to post said score or not on a social-media platform. In her effort to get back to the game, my daughter inadvertently posted her score to Twitter, by touching the Twitter icon.

Having regards to being 'mocked' by Twitter users. That, at best, is a euphemism for the abuse that parades as free speech in an unregulated space and a prevailing view that politicians are to be treated disrespectfully and contemptuously.

Your social-media reporter has sterilised the vitriol which has been spewed by some of the users. Additionally, your reporting is false at best, as at no time was the government mobile phone used. Nor is there any link between phone bills and this issue.

It seems offensive to some for members of parliament to have social lives. Take a tour of my constituency and you will see the evidence of effective representation.

Dr Forbes would better be employed teaching some Twitter users about basic manners, decorum and respect, including you at The Gleaner that euphemise 'crudeness' as 'mockery'!

Arnaldo Brown

State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade