Mon | Sep 24, 2018

Why always too little, too late?

Published:Saturday | January 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Why is it that 'too little, too late' now seems the 'NORM' in Jamaica?

I was prompted to write this letter when I noticed the roadway upgrade along Old Hope Road in St Andrew, in the vicinity of the Jamaica College (suddenly, white/yellow lines and cats eyes), where a recent motor vehicle accident claimed the lives of two promising young Jamaicans.

Governments are expected to maintain and upgrade systems, services and infrastructure and facilitate economic growth, while ensuring there is law and order. Security, health, education, housing and public transportation are the priorities of developing countries.

Notwithstanding recent improvements, we are still the third most murderous country in the world.

We fail in so many key areas. For example: the recent chik-V debacle, and the deafening silence surrounding the deaths associated with this infection; a 30 per cent failure rate in the educational system, total disregard for law and order, (AND/OR JUST SHEER DESPERATION), as evidenced by the statistics, for example, one third (approximately one million) of the population squatting, millions of dollars in unpaid traffic tickets, and taxes of all types, an ever-diminishing water storage capacity - facilities remain the same as almost 100 years ago

(in fact less, as silting reduces capacity by about 50 per cent). And the list goes on.

What do we tell our children/

grandchildren when they want to emigrate? Where is the hope, have we missed something? Passing the IMF tests means nothing to most Jamaicans!