Sun | Mar 29, 2020

Intolerance and hatred

Published:Tuesday | January 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The rise of anti-Semitism and the spread of Islam throughout Europe are very disturbing and cause for much concern. Accompanying such troubling development is a level of violence and intolerance for other peoples and religions that have not been seen since World War II.

This is reinforced by the fact the Grand Synagogue in Paris closed its door for the first time since World War II, as well as the recent attacks on Jews in Belgium. It appears that Western values of democracy, freedom of thought and freedom of expression are now the target of a radical branch of Islam. The Islamisation of Europe and recent attacks on Jews, and on peoples who are deemed different, have done irreparable damage not only to Islam as a religion, but will also have severe implications for immigration and other social issues.

The recent attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, which resulted in the deaths of 12 person, including a number of cartoonists, has reinforced the intolerance and hatred the human spirit can cultivate. It appears that now is the time for the leadership of Islam to come out and condemn those extremists who are doing more to drive a wedge between world religions.

The time is now for world religious leaders and heads of government to engage in constructive discussion to try and pacify ongoing issues which have now surfaced. More needs to be done also to integrate young Muslims into the societies of France and other European countries. Too many of these young Muslims feel a sense of alienation and isolation which is a recipe for them to be sucked into these terrorists organisations. Cartoons do not kill people.


Wayne Campbell