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Outrageous Muslim statement

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:01 AM

I wish to publicly express how deeply disturbed I was by statements made by a Muslim man broadcast recently on both our major television stations, TVJ and CVM. I am not disturbed that these two media houses carried it live to the nation. I am happy they did, so our nation and, by extension, the world can be educated on how the Muslim world operates.

The gentleman pointed out that any nation, individual, religious group, etc. that opposes a leader and blasphemes against him or their religion "WILL BE PUNISHED".

It is important that we remember what has happened in France recently, as well as the other atrocities that were meted out in the eastern side of our world. We were told that this blasphemy included Jesus, and the offender would be punished.

I would like to point out the error of this idea, as Christianity does not require anyone to be punished for blasphemy against God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. That account will be settled by the God of this world only.

We, as a nation, endeavour to foster peace and harmony. That is what we are accustomed to. We are, therefore, concerned that persons will, on national media, try to restrict our freedom of speech, in our own country; and with subtlety advise that, should blasphemy be echoed from our shores, there will also be consequences.

I vividly recall that a former Australian prime minister challenged persons, groups or sects that that country would not tolerate extremist behaviour; and that they ought to consider living elsewhere should conforming to the country's rules prove difficult for them.




I am suggesting that we pay close attention to what is happening in our country, Jamaica. We are a people who are proud to say that we are a Christian nation. Therefore, with the rapid expansion of terrorism, we may well be targeted.

Be that as it may, we, individuals, religious groups, sects of any kind, whether local or foreign, are instructed via the interviewee that we should not make blasphemous statements or we could face punishments. This threat, inciting violence to the perpetrator, was made on our national media.

Our Government is here to provide security for each and every person. Therefore, it is incumbent on the security forces to pay attention to statements made of this nature.

Please, let us wake up and start having some spiritual discernment on persons, especially leaders, on what they say or do. We must have a body to monitor these things for the betterment of our nation.