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Rent laws legalise scamming

Published:Saturday | January 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The Government of Jamaica, through its outdated rent-restriction laws and the lack of interest to enact new laws, has legalised scamming. And by its inability to act, the Jamaica Public Service Company and the National Water Commission are accomplices to this legalised scamming.

All decent Jamaicans, home and abroad, should be scared by this barefaced action. Let me tell you my Anancy story.

You see I'm a criminal mastermind. I am guilty of buying one of those 'Portmore' houses to have a roof over my head. That charge should be wilful and malicious intent to get somewhere in life.

I am guilty to have paid my utility bills. That charge should be excessive emotional abuse to those who don't, yet still have regular service. I am guilty of renting my property to single persons. Guilty of allowing continual occupancy when rent has not been paid for more than 10 months and counting. Guilty for putting a 'For Sale By Owner' sign on my property. My most grievous crime was asking

illegal occupants to vacate my property.

My punishment for all my crimes is a 'harassment' charge levied with the GOJ agency. And in communicating with officers of said company, the feedback given was what I deem a 'we hear you, dear' pat on the head. Justice served GOJ style.

I am raising my voice to protest this rubbish. I may not have any clout to get the World Bank or International Monetary Fund to push for these laws, but I am raising my voice to let my Government know that your lack of will has legalised scamming!


West Cumberland

Portland, St Catherine