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Cargill’s argument does not wash

Published:Sunday | January 25, 2015 | 11:02 PM


Monopoly is not good for any country because in my opinion it stifles growth. Take Mr. Christopher Cargill, Chairman of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, who is trying to insult the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) and by extension the Jamaican people with his arrogance and nonsensical comments by saying that the global decline of oil prices shouldn't reflect locally.

And if the PSOJ doesn't like the way his Corporation does business they should import their own oil.

The entire Jamaica should join hands in getting rid of this arrogant character. Everyone in Jamaica has a stake or is affected by this because 80 per cent of the country's energy is generated from oil.

His argument makes absolutely no sense. One doesn't have to attend the London School of Economics to figure out that if the price of oil increase on the world market it cost more and when it decline it cost less.

How can you be raising prices on gasolene when the price of oil on the global market has decreased by over 50 per cent? There's no explanation for this.

Noel Mitchellnlmworld@yahoo.com

New York