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Solidly against Negril breakwaters

Published:Monday | January 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am solidly against the installation of breakwaters in Negril because I have personally witnessed the results of these experiments.

I lived near California beaches for decades and watched the ruin and destruction of several glorious natural beaches and famous surf spots. In many areas, a small part of the beach benefitted and was saved from sand erosion.

However, the larger part suffered from the placement of breakwaters. I understand that enlightened California coastal communities are now planning to remove these structures. Breakwaters are an antiquated, unsightly choice.

I have little faith in the National Works Agency (NWA) to properly manage this project. NWA cannot even maintain the main, potholed, narrow, and dangerous road from Sheffield to Negril. I heard Dr Wykeham McNeill tell a group of 20 of us that $19 million had been set aside for the construction of the road between Sheffield and Negril and that work to raise the road near the golf course would begin soon. That was 10 years ago.

There were promises by NWA to fill the potholes at the Negril roundabout before December's Reggae Marathon. NWA didn't do that; Negril residents did.

Also, I am concerned about the safety of our children walking to and from school when more large, heavy trucks will be barrelling down the already treacherous roads at breakneck speeds.

Lynette Lynch