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Abuse of power

Published:Thursday | January 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM

I read with interest Robert Dalley's letter to the editor concerning the rampant towing away of motor vehicles in the city of Montego Bay for literally most traffic offences, when instead, the police should be issuing traffic tickets for those traffic breaches.

Why does the country have an offence list with road traffic fines for breaches of the law and the police have been towing away all categories of motor vehicles for different purposes bringing financial hardships on those operators of vehicles in Montego Bay? The police have a responsibility to prosecute those drivers who breach the road traffic laws and let those offending motorists pay the stipulated fine according to law. It is a wide abuse of law and police authority for them to be towing away vehicles for most traffic offences and then motorists have to be paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to get back their vehicles. Why is the government allowing this oppression to be foisted upon motorists here in Montego Bay? This abuse of power must be brought to an end by the transport and works minister, Dr Omar Davies and as minister he must proceed to remedy this problem quickly.

I am aware of many allegations involving wrecker drivers and some Montego Bay police personnel working in tandem to bring in huge funds from the towing away of motor vehicles, and then the money is then shared, allegedly, between the police and tow truck drivers. As a citizen of this country and resident of Montego Bay I too must join with writer Robert Dalley in demanding that this abuse of power by the police be brought to an end.


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