Sat | Sep 22, 2018

One step forward, two backwards?

Published:Saturday | January 31, 2015 | 12:01 AM


Our collective moral psyche was uplifted recently when news came swift and fast that Jamaica was ranked number one, not in athletics or any other sporting discipline, but actually in a study conducted by the International Labour Organization, which deduced that Jamaica has the highest proportion of women managers globally.

The official numbers of this study, when examined, painted a picture of a country of 2.7 million inhabitants wherein some 59.3 per cent of management and middle-management positions are occupied by the fairer sex.

This finding is nothing short of remarkable, not because it catapults our country to number one, but because it demonstrates that equality is seeping into our society.

Sadly, however, the almost simultaneous slaughtering of a number of teenage and adolescent females has ensured that the light of the moment is darkened. This recent spate of filicide, particularly in western and northern parishes, has served to once more return to the front burner the issue of how we treat our children, and, in particular, our young girls.

As a society, it is the responsibility of every adult to look out for the young and vulnerable and to protect them from uncaring elements that may seek to rob them of their innocence, youth, promise and, ultimately, life. These latest acts of cruelty only add to the more than 1,600 children who have been

murdered over the last decade.