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Stop telling lies on cops

Published:Monday | February 2, 2015 | 11:05 PM


I am writing with regard to two letters published on January 26 and 29 written by Robert Dalley and Susan S. Henry, respectively, relating to the seizure of motor vehicles in Montego Bay. I was very astonished at the mischievous and quite frivolous claims and gross inaccuracies.

First, I will highlight the grounds under the Road Traffic Act (RTA) where vehicles can be legally seized by the police:

1. Vehicle is not licensed or registered.

2. Obscure registration or licence disc.

3. Operating without a road licence or carrier's licence.

4. Operating contrary to licence.

5. Licence plates not affixed and kept affixed.

Montego Bay wasn't designed to accommodate the volume of traffic it now has, so the municipal police will tow away vehicles for disobeying no parking. Kindly note having no insurance is a serious offence under the RTA. This offence, like many others under the RTA, requires a mandatory court appearance. Hence a traffic ticket would not be applicable, so the offender would receive summons.

Furthermore, there are no records indicating that any vehicle was seized by the police for a driver not wearing uniform or not having a badge. Sure, it brings financial hardship on motorists whenever their vehicles are seized, but when these taxi and bus operators get off their routes and turn every corner in the town into a terminus, it slows down the domestic economy. Most of the congestion in the town is created by them.

As it relates to police collecting money from tow truck drivers, it is so easy for disgruntled citizens, especially motorists, to concoct such baseless conspiracies when officers do their job legally and professionally.


Montego Bay, St James