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Jamaica must lead world on ganja

Published:Wednesday | February 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

How many articles, columns, and opinion letters does it take to paint a complete picture of ganja and ganja smoking in Jamaica? How much science, how much social experience, is enough to know the whole truth? Who will have the courage to deal with it realistically - from a governmental, leadership position? Anyone?

We can make a big fuss about it, try to avoid it, or just pretend the problems just aren't there if we must. Yet from conference hall and boardroom bathrooms to the pockets of at least a few windscreen washers on street corners, all throughout society, ganja just isn't going anywhere, so let's not fool ourselves.

For now, the 'big man' executive will use it to entertain and relax; the working-class family man will take a puff from time to time at a party; the hustler will make his spliff 'catch a fire', perhaps to show he's got something special; the old farmer may use it to end his hard day's toil to take the ache away from his muscles.

An injured, now-healing patient will find it takes away the bite of nausea and adds appetite; and the Rasta uses it as sacrament, while communing with his Jehovah.

Ganja is everywhere and is used for many different reasons, practical and otherwise. If Jamaica can take a leading place among the nations of the world on any issue, it should be this one.



Florida, USA