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Ho Lung losing touch with hotties

Published:Saturday | February 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM


FATHER HO Lung has blundered greatly. Why should a beautiful woman like Lisa Hanna be termed Lucifer because she is wearing a most intriguing swimwear?

Father Ho Lung has done immeasurable good for the Jamaican populace. Lisa Hanna is very cordial in her disposition in most instances, and this has been demonstrated over and over.

Not being controversial, but I think the goodly father must be losing his touch with genuine beauty. Leighton Levy is correct to say there was nothing inappropriate about a government minister in bikini.

It seems some men have lost the desire to speak honestly about their true feelings after they have passed their prime. They would prefer to speak about religion indefinitely on all occasions while stifling their true feelings.

No matter the cloth you wear, any great man would admire the energy emanating from a beautiful woman's body. Wheel and come again, Father Ho Lung, because Lisa is here to stay.


Portmore, St Catherine