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Praise Pryce for ganja lobby

Published:Tuesday | February 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am only now coming to grips with the fact that Parliament has achieved the unthinkable. Jamaica has changed the laws with respect to ganja.

What is more, it has been done in relatively record time. Granted, the talk has been around over many decades now. Perhaps our cynicism over an equally long period caused us to assume it would have been another round of talk for politicians that would have ended in another period of pause.

So this time around, one really has to step back and acknowledge that Member of Parlament (MP) Raymond Pryce, the most unlikely ganja and medical marijuana advocate, took it on and took it through.

Now that it has been passed in the Senate, without doubt, when it goes back to the Lower House, it will pass there, too. After all, Mr Pryce, one of the Parliament's better presenters, will most likely give another fulsome contribution to the process.

To the young MP, as a Stage 4 cancer patient and fighter, I extend my gratitude for your courage and determination. Whether I live to see it finally achieved in my country or not, I am inspired by you and encouraged that other people in my condition will have access to a remedy being used in Israel, across Europe and in the United States which our researchers and doctors can develop for us here.

You have become an embodiment of what we in Jamaica need from politics and politicians. To serve us, bring new opportunities to us, and in my case, to help in renewing our hopes. Thank you.


Armour Heights, St Andrew