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TVJ sending wrong signal on homophobia

Published:Tuesday | February 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM

TVJ sending wrong

signal on homophobia


So we have come full circle once more. First, it was the refusal to air Maurice Tomlinson's advertisement asking for tolerance and respect for LGBT persons in Jamaica. Then in January 2014, TVJ decided to omit the mass wedding at the Grammys that showed both gay and straight couples getting married, displaying support for marriage equality.

Then, they got the rights to 'Empire' and blocked out major scenes in a show where one of the major themes is homophobia in the black community. Finally, this Grammy Awards, TVJ has decided to block out Sam Smith's comments about the man who broke his heart.

Television Jamaica, you are a homophobic station. You proudly demonstrate that you support the subordination and the marginalisation of the LGBT population with every attempt you have made to shut them out. You have shown a clear desire to treat LGBT issues as non-existent. It is distasteful and disgusting and it is in poor taste and a slap in the face of all of the LGBT persons who watch your channel for various reasons and to all those LGBT persons that work with and for you.

By your displays of invisibilising LGBT persons, you are little better than those persons in our society who wish death on this group in the population. By blocking them out, you are denying them recognition and humanity and are influencing a society in which these people are berated and harassed day in and day out.

Instead of showing some modicum of respect and equality, you decide to benefit from international programmes that recognise LGBT persons, while ignoring the said population. It is despicable and distasteful. I would only wish that these individuals would think twice about selling you the rights to air their content because what you are doing is misrepresenting truth and fostering hate.