Tue | Jan 15, 2019

The joke's on us

Published:Thursday | February 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is perhaps easy to label the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) a party of 'losers and jokers' and end it there. But it isn't that simple. Jamaica needs an alternative party, one that functions effectively and keeps the government always alert. If the JLP isn't doing this then we are all worse off for this dereliction of duty, including the ruling People's National Party (PNP).

We live in a country where the minister of state in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, Damion Crawford, has to be encouraging young people to migrate to greener pastures. We have, perhaps, the third highest murder rate per capita in a world. Our hospital services are collapsing; we have the longest borrowing relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF); our dollar keeps on slipping no matter how much macroeconomic policies we implement or sacrifices we make.

The PNP are not losers or jokers - but persons involved with the Trafigura affair fear appearing in court to defend their actions. They will not end the FINSAC enquiry which wrecked the Jamaican economy and set us back for decades to come, the costs over J$400 billion and the costs in people's lives incalculable.

The sad reality is that both parties are functioning like 'losers and jokers' but the joke is on us and this is a tragedy masking as a comedy.