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A true National Prayer Breakfast

Published:Thursday | February 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Please allow me to correct an inaccuracy in your opinion and commentary by the Rev Devon Dick, and also to critique his opinion on the matter at hand - the National Prayer Breakfast.

I strongly object to the word NATIONAL being affixed to the prayer breakfast. My strong objection emanates from these meanings of the word national. One cannot exclude a section of the nation and then pronounce that action as that of the nation.

Christian leaders have seen it fit to have an umbrella organisation to bring the hundreds of denominations under one order, putting doctrinal differences aside, in worship of the Creator. Why then, in the true message of Christ, could they not see it fit to embrace the other religious groups in Jamaica?


With our motto being 'Out of Many One People' I find it mind-boggling that this message of Christ's love, forgiveness, and unity could not emerge when the National Prayer Breakfast was in its planning stages. That I find very hypocritical and anti-Christian principles on the part of the planners.

The Rev Ashley Smith, Sir Howard Cooke, and a Hindu practitioner, Dr Ajai Mansingh, saw the need to include all practising religious orders in Jamaica within an umbrella group. This was the birth of The Jamaica Council for Interfaith Fellowship. This is where all religious bodies met and had prayer and fellowship.

The organiser of the National Prayer Breakfast admitted that he had prior knowledge of the existence of this group, but still did not see it fit to extend a hand to include the JCIF in their 'NATIONAL prayer breakfast'

As per Rev Devon Dick's suggested answer, let them (the JCIF) have a NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST and invite us. That is exactly what we have put on the agenda (the day after the NLPB) that we not only have a prayer breakfast, but we have a NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER for the healing of the nation.



President Rastafari

Innity Council

Member Jamaica Council

for Interfaith Fellowship