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Forge FBI-style force from unemployed graduates

Published:Saturday | February 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM


In light of the recent killing of females in Jamaica, my heart is saddened by these incidents and my condolences go out to all stakeholders who are affected, especially the families and school communities in which they exist.

Indeed, this tells us that we need to implement strategies and preventable measures to find the perpetrators responsible, because the killing of young people is now extended to the wider community. And if we have a state where the younger generation's lives are at risk, we are facing a dark and dangerous future.

Jamaica needs its own FBI, a team of crime-fighting experts who are of high intellect, those who can analyse evidence collected from crime scenes and put pieces together to solve mysteries and catch criminals.

This unit can recruit the best the country has to offer. They should be fearless, aggressive and serious about crime fighting.

There are many brilliant people who graduate from universities and cannot find jobs. This would be an opportunity for them, perhaps better than telling them to be entrepreneurs.


Clark's Town, Trelawny