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Set flat power rate for community centres

Published:Saturday | February 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I recently attended a community-based function in my neck of the woods. The function had to be transferred from the community centre to the church hall at the last minute because there was no electricity at the community centre; it had been disconnected because the bill had not been paid.

This sequence of events got me thinking that community centres play such an important role in community management and development that I want to request of the light and power company that, as part of their social responsibility, they charge a flat, subsidised rate for town halls and community centres.

Community centres, these days, play a pivotal role in the development of young people. They are used as centres of learning or homework centres for the purpose of conducting classes, and Internet cafés that allow students to have web access. From these facilities, they do research for assignments, classwork and examinations.

These community centres serve also as a meeting place for several non-government organisations (NGOs) such as citizens' associations, police youth clubs, and other civic groups. These centres are also used by the Social Development Commission, the parish council, the police, the fire brigade, etc. to conduct meetings and/or trainings to inform and educate the people of the community.

A fully utilised community centre serves several purposes that can be very beneficial to the community. It is for this reason that I am making a request on behalf of community organisations that the JPS charge community centres a subsidised, flat rate for electricity.


Coleyville, Manchester