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Sick boys make sick men

Published:Saturday | February 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:
The story behind the female student at the University of the West Indies, Mona, who got injured by another male student, is still being unravelled. How many stories have we now heard of men bringing serious harm to women?

I, for a long time, have recognised that there is something wrong with some of our men. They are evil! They harbour a view of life and relationships that is not compatible with any form of logic.

What really gets me is what these cowards do to women. They consider women as children or property. They consider slapping a woman as part of their role as men. She must be taught her place.

In their minds, some of her actions or speeches necessitate a slap or a few slaps, some punches, or a piece of board across the face. So you beat her all over, leave her in pain, go on about your business, and then come home expecting dinner and sex? These men are sick!

I have sat and listened to grown men refer to abusing women as some form of discipline. Discipline! The troubling thing is that younger men, boys even, are assimilating this crude, inhumane philosophy.

It is sick boys that most likely will produce sick men. I say they are sick because this type of thinking is certainly unhealthy. Where in your mind did the thought evolve that every female you make a pass at must respond positively? What was the impetus for conjuring up this thought, that the requisite punishment for being turned down by a female is ridicule, slander, or physical hurt? It affirms your manhood?




Women can be vindictive and intentionally cruel, especially with words. You should remember, though, that men are living human beings and not pieces of wood. They have the capacity to feel hurt and be embarrassed. Now this may cause them to react on impulse rather than principle. What am I saying? Be careful how you treat men, because we are sensitive.

However, men, it is not your right to hurt, abuse or mistreat women, regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Violence against women must stop. Violence must not be allowed to prowl our society like an untamed beast. For this, I say we need to rescue our boys. Aggression is taking a hold of our boys (and girls) like slow poison. They enter into adulthood with what becomes a full-blown sickness. The cause for this anger is up to anthropologists, historians and psychologists to determine. But it is our collective responsibility to tame this beast.

Astor Tate