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TV getting happier with gays

Published:Wednesday | February 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM


There was a time when homosexuality was never seen in any movie or TV show or advertisement. This was a topic that was not talked about in open conversation.

Now, a cursory look on the television will reveal myriads of homosexual overtures and outright relationships. Initially, we would only see such things in the international media. Cable channels alone would carry anything with such content.

I imagine some of us thought that we would never live to see the day local TV channels would carry shows with homosexual couples. As a matter of fact, three such stations were involved in a court case because of their refusal to run an ad promoting tolerance towards gays.

It is quite surprising now to see two of these stations broadcasting shows with openly gay couples and/or scenes. The homosexual lifestyle now seems to be a staple in all hit shows - Empire, Being Mary Jane, Boss and Scandal. It is no longer a subtle, covert operation. It is right there! TV has got happier.


Where will all of this lead us? What will be the real impact of homosexuality on life as we know it? Will we have to reorder society in order to facilitate this type of relationship? What will we now teach kids about marriage and relationships? Will counsellors have to be retrained?

Then again, why am I even concerned over this? There is global warming, pollution on the rise, corrupt politicians, and jihadists waging war against us the infidels.

I may now have to stick to my radio. But all I'm hearing is Sam Smith's Stay with Me. These are certainly happier times. What will become of us?

Lord, take the case and give me the pillow.