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Dr. Clover Thompson - educator par excellence

Published:Thursday | February 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


My first encounter with Dr Clover Thompson Gordon, former principal of the Denham Town High School, was in January of 1999. As I sat in the lobby waiting to be interviewed, she walked by. She was elegantly attired. She spoke in a commanding and forceful tone as she enquired how she could be of assistance.

Dr Thompson Gordon was a stickler for discipline and etiquette. Her very presence commanded respect from both teachers and students. She had a very keen ear for the English Language and was very involved in the life of the school.

Dr Thompson Gordon spent more than 30 years working in western Kingston. She also served as principal for Denham Town Primary School, where she also made her mark. She gave willingly of her expertise and skills in other areas of national life, such as, service to the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission where she worked as executive director. She was also a member of the Lay Magistrates' Association. She was very forthright and, at all times, she demanded a high level of professionalism from those who worked alongside her. One of her admirable qualities was that she bore no grudges. She had a generous spirit and this led to her fostering many children throughout the years, who, up to this day, call her Mom.

Dr Thompson Gordon was a mentor to many teachers and was instrumental in shaping their lives as teachers and many testimonies have been given to support this fact.

In 2002, Dr Thompson Gordon won the coveted LASCO/Jamaica Teachers' Association teacher of the year award.

In November of 2011, Dr Thompson Gordon was honoured by the friends, past teachers and students of western Kingston for her sterling contribution to education. Dr Thompson Gordon was an educator par excellence. She played all her roles with great panache. Dr Thompson Gordon will be greatly missed. However, her memories will live on because of the immense contributions she has made to the betterment of Jamaica.

May her soul rest in peace.

Wayne Campbell