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Who “Deserves” to Be ALive?

Published:Thursday | February 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am disturbed and disgusted by a recent article in the Observer West newspaper in which the Mayor of Lucea, Wynter McIntosh, spoke about the stray dogs and goats on the streets of Lucea.

He is quoted as saying: "... beginning on Wednesday, February 11, they will be impounded or shot ..." And further "... there are some that are full of mange and don't deserve to be alive".

I certainly understand the concern of the mayor and the citizens, but I would like to hope that the statement quoted regarding the dogs not deserving to be alive actually means that they do not deserve to be living in that condition, and that we, as humans in charge of them, are to blame, and not the animals, who are innocent and who most certainly do deserve to be alive and to be healthy and properly cared for by their owner - not left to rummage for some kind of filthy food in our garbage that we have put in the street, inviting them to come and eat.

These animals are not criminals and are not responsible for themselves. They do not deserve to be shot or made to suffer because of the mistakes, cruelty and carelessness of us human beings. The JSPCA should have something to say about this.

It is said, quite rightly, that the greatness of any nation can be judged by the quality of caring for its children, its elderly and its animals.

So, what of our Jamaica? It's definitely not only our animals that are left to suffer and

rummage on the streets.


Kingston 10