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Don't be fooled over ganja

Published:Friday | February 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM


IT APPEARS to me that some Jamaicans here and overseas are carried away by dreams of exporting raw ganja to Canada for sale. It is unfortunate that some have been led into believing this as more and more people talk about preparing land for ganja farming and export. After a superb campaign of lobbying by ganja law-reform advocates, who deserve big congratulations, some interesting characters have sought to exploit the coming liberalisation.

Unfortunately, one Canadian company that is not even a licensed and recognised producer has spoken gallantly about importing the controlled substance from Jamaica. People need to get things straight; otherwise they will throw away their money and destroy livelihoods and families. Jamaica doesn't need another Cash Plus and Olint.

First and foremost, the cost of growing cannabis in Canada, while high, is no different than any other province or state in the United States. Nevertheless, investors accept these overheads and are not looking for importation opportunities, as Canada will not permit the import of this substance. Jamaica simply has not been a topic of discussion for importation from the investment community. On top of that, a company cannot apply for an import or export license until they have a final licence issued by Health Canada. At that time, an application process for importing can be submitted for seed as starting materials only, not for the importation of ganja. Further, there is no company presently permitted to import ganja for medicinal purposes.

I urge Jamaicans to beware of foreign and local charlatans within their midst.

Joseph Tremblay