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Muted response to Christian killings

Published:Monday | February 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Recently, the world experienced an atrocity in the form of ISIS beheading 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. What was the reaction in the West and the media in general? A big yawn and an outstanding level of studied indifference. The lack of outrage to this incident is more of an outrage than the original outrageous act itself.

The story of the slaughter of the 21 Coptic Egyptian Christians was buried in the middle or back pages of popular global newspapers, while television stations tried to "sanitise" the story.

Can you imagine the global outcry if Christians or Jews had beheaded 21 Muslims? This would have been front page news for days and the leading story on evening news reports. There would be marches in major cities. Yet, what do we have when 21 Christians are paraded in orange jumpsuits, put to kneel in the sand and then slaughtered like animals? Sparse and unfocused reporting, a turning of the page. To make matters worse, there were some press releases that described the martyrs as "21 Egyptian citizens". Notice the choice of words, 'Egyptian citizens', no mention of the victims being 'Coptic Christians'. This can be only be seen as a deliberate act intended to moderate or lessen the emotional connection of viewers to the very serious and frightening turn of events in Libya.

The Christian community is not without blame. To his credit, the Pope came out and condemned the vicious act. However, do you realise that for the past year Christians have being burnt or buried alive, crucified, raped, robbed, trafficked and chased from their homes in the Middle East?

About a month ago, there were credible reports of four Christian teenagers, all under the age of 15, who were given a choice by ISIS: renounce their faith in Christ or die. What happened to these brave young men? ISIS crucified them. I know of no other religious group which would quietly sit by and watch their members suffer genocide.

Marsha Thomas