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Stop the disunity in the JLP

Published:Monday | February 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Holness


As a concerned citizen, I am watching what is unfolding in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) - the Government-in-waiting - a party that has a young and very vibrant leader, Andrew Holness, the youngest to ever take the reign as prime minister.

Two polls conducted in the island have shown that this young man is 20 percentage points ahead of Prime Minister Simpson Miller and the People's National Party (PNP). So, on a personal note, I am advising those members of parliament in the JLP who are not willing to work with Mr Andrew Holness to be careful, as you will have the party commit political suicide.

In my view, Mr Shaw had done the wrong thing by challenging Mr Holness after the party won a by-election in a PNP stronghold, the Cassia Park division; that shows the PNP that the people are tired of how they are governing the country.

I am advising Mr Shaw to call on those who supported him in the last leadership race to remember the two poll results conducted, which show their leader has been placed above the PNP.

It is time for disunity to be cut out of the party. I suggest they resolve the matter by calling on the two pollsters to conduct new polls by asking the people this time, if Mr Shaw were the opposition leader, whether they would vote for him, and if he can beat Mrs Simpson Miller.

JLP members, let's get serious and work with who will take you to Jamaica House after the next general election. Support your leader Andrew Holness. He is very professional and humble.

From A Concerned Citizen